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Nurse Stucco for all your stucco needs for over 40 Years. Do You Have A Stucco Project We Can Help With?

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San Diego’s premier synthetic stucco contractors. From private homes to public works projects, and everything in between including synthetic stucco repairs, Nurse Stucco provides the solutions to your synthetic stucco needs. At Nurse Stucco, we know that color plays a vitally important role in the world we live in.

When we look at art, fashion, automobiles and interior décor, we experience an emotion from the colors projected. The color used on the exterior of homes and buildings has the same effect. Selecting the right stucco color accentuates building design and complements other elements like brick, stone veneers, siding and trim. From natural countryside to cityscapes, colored stucco brings out the best in architectural beauty and meets your specialized demands.

With so many colors and textures to choose from, stucco is your best choice! We are San Diego Synthetic Stucco Restucco Experts with over 40 years of experience. As an exterior, stucco may not be known for bright color or bold dimensional architecture. But it should. At Nurse Stucco we believe Stucco offer greater design flexibility than any other siding.

Consider modern buildings with glossy metallic finishes that resemble metal panels. Or classical architecture with walls, and columns and details that appear to be cut from natural stone. Or simulated brick, virtually indistinguishable from traditional masonry. All prime examples of today’s exciting and innovative stucco products in action. With innovative products and the appropriate application technique provided by the skilled craftsmen at Nurse Stucco, it’s all possible!

Nurse Stucco, Inc. has been serving the stucco repair and restucco needs of the San Diego building contractors and homeowners! From the first day we opened our doors for business, we are experts in all phases of residential stucco construction. We pride ourselves in taking time to provide you with all the information needed in order to improve your home. Consistently rated A+ by the BBB, and we’re proud to say we’ve maintained this rating since day 1!

New Stucco

Exciting colors and textures creat your visions of the ultimate building exterior. sidings

Artfully Crafted

How large can you dream? Discuss your dreams with your architect, we’ll make it real!


Restore new life to your existing stucco and enjoy the benefits,

New Life

Complete areas restored to like original condition. Who would know?

Stucco Repair

Repair solutions for Residential and Commercial Businesses throughout San Diego county

Professional Repairs

Stucco repairs that match existing materials – color and texture. You won’t know the area was repaired.


Textures up close to warm you heart and stimulate your creativity.


21st century materials blended with tradition stucco concepts, ensure the best of old and new concepts.

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Synthetic stucco is the cutting-edge building material application. Available in vibrant colors, state-of-the-art textures, and finishes allow your dreams to become a reality. Synthetic stucco is the choice for builders that want to create memorable projects to be admired for years to come.

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At Nurse Stucco we believe in doing the job right the first time because we put our name on EVERY JOB we do!

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Nurse Stucco Inc. partners with the leading manufacturers of exterior stucco and Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) products. Known for their high performance and quality, product innovation, and service to provide stucco solutions from scratch to finish.

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