LaHabra Synthetic Stucco

Whether building a structure or renovating, LaHabra EIFS provides economical, energy efficient systems. LaHabra offers three types of high performance EIFS to provide the best in both price and performance. The two WaterMaster options provide the additional benefits of moisture management.

Insul-Flex Standard
Insul-Flex WaterMaster
Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR

Insul-Flex Standard

A classic EIFS system that provides superior thermal insulation and design flexibility.

Insul-Flex WaterMaster

Insul-Flex WaterMaster EIFS incorporates vertical ribbons of adhesive to provide an optimal drainage plane. In addition to the vertical ribbons, this system makes use of our WeatherSeal liquid applied water-resistant barrier. It provides protection against incidental moisture and acts as an air barrier. The air barrier takes the already energy efficient EIFS and gives it a boost by limiting air flow while remaining vapor permeable.

Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR (Light Commercial Residential)

Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR EIFS is designed for wood-framed light commercial and residential construction. Using many of the same components of the Insul-Flex WaterMaster, the Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR is mechanically fastened and makes use of “Stucco Wrap” to provide the secondary water-resistive barrier and a means of drainage for incidental moisture.

LaHabra EIFS protects your building from moisture by providing a barrier of finish, base coat, and EPS Insulation. If additional protection is required, LaHabra offers the latest in drainage EIFS. If incidental moisture were to make it through the initial barrier it would drain from behind the system through vertical channels of adhesive. Additionally, these systems include WeatherSeal to offer a secondary moisture barrier.

Since 1926, LaHabra has become the brand you can depend on for quality stucco & EIFS products. LaHabra continues to set new standards for product quality, consistency, reliability and service. LaHabra is a stucco & EIFS industry leader in San Diego and Southern California as well as throughout the United Sataes. As a pillar in the Facade industry LaHabra has been instrumental in contributing to the advancement of stucco & EIFS and has developed many technological breakthroughs that are still in use today.

LaHabra Synthetic Stucco Products