Parex Synthetic Stucco

Parex takes pride in its development of innovative product solutions for an ever changing construction industry. Architects, contractors and building owners recognize that Parex USA offers the right selection of innovative product for any size project or challenge.

Architectural Coatings & Finishes (ACF)
Acrylic Finishes
Elastomeric Finishes
Acrylic Coatings
Elastomeric Coatings
ACF Assemblies
Advanced Masonry Simulation (AMS)

Finishes and coatings contribute color, texture and an overall visual appeal to the wall. They also provide some protection from the elements or other exposure. By selecting appropriate finishes and coatings designers have greater freedom to create the surfaces they envision and to incorporate functional, protective attributes to withstand the rigors of time.

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)

Is an extremely energy efficient, light weight cladding that is versatile in design. From providing a true stucco look to realistically mimicking stone, brick, and other exterior claddings, EIFS can wrap almost any structure in a blanket of insulation. This allows building owners to obtain the look and feel they desire yet enjoy the operating benefits of low energy costs. Additionally, as a light weight cladding, EIFS allows building designers to reduce the structural requirements, and thus costs, in designing a building. Whether the project is new construction or the renovation of an existing building the design and energy benefits of EIFS make this cladding an ideal solution.

Synthetic Stucco

Stucco is a long stranding traditional exterior cladding and for good reason. Stucco is an economical to install and provides a hard and tough barrier for the exterior of a structure. Parex offers the Armourwall family of stucco assemblies with a number of different features to meet the needs of building owners. From enhanced moisture protection to improved crack suppression, Parex Armourwall stucco solutions allow building owners to select the correct stucco assembly to best match stucco design and performance with their economical needs.

The key to a lasting exterior finish or coating application is proper surface preparation. Regardless which finish or coating will be applied, proper surface preparation is critical. Knowing the type and condition of the substrate determines how it must be prepared. Because of wide variations in substrates, we recommend that each substrate be inspected and prepared according to its specific need. Success with stucco finishes and coatings depends on selecting the right products for the job, and the synthetic stucco experts at Nurse Stucco are here to serve you.

Parex Synthetic Stucco Products