Senergy Synthetic Stucco Products

Senergy synthetic stucco is a Portland cement-based fiber-reinforced, hard-coat stucco system incorporating a 100% acrylic polymer exterior stucco wall finish. Senergy synthetic stucco offers faster application, reduced labor cost, and a fiber reinforced, crack resistant base coat. It is used for exterior walls in new or retrofit residential, light commercial and institutional construction as an alternative to traditional stucco siding systems.

Senergy synthetic stucco is one hour fire rated. Senergy has been a pioneer in the development and promotion of improved stucco systems that utilize PermaLath® fiberglass lath rather than metal lath or wire. Senergy Stucco base can be applied over PermaLath or metal, but with PermaLath 1000 and PermaLath both having their own ICC-ESRs and with very positive third party testing to support their superior performance, the fiberglass laths are growing in popularity.