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We Build Inspiring Residential & Commercial Spaces With Synthetic Stucco

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We Build Inspiring Residential And Commercial Spaces With Synthetic Stucco

San Diego’s premier synthetic stucco contractors. From private homes to public works projects, and everything in between including synthetic stucco repairs, Nurse Stucco provides the solutions to your synthetic stucco needs. At Nurse Stucco, we know that color plays a vitally important role in the world we live in.

When we look at art, fashion, automobiles and interior décor, we immediately experience an emotion from the colors projected. The color used on the exterior of homes and buildings has the same effect – selecting the right stucco color accentuates building design and complements other elements like brick, stone veneers, siding and trim. From natural countryside to cityscapes, colored stucco brings out the best in architectural beauty and meets the specialized demands of new construction or historic renovation.

With so many colors and textures to choose from, stucco is your best choice! We are San Diego Synthetic Stucco Restucco Experts with over 40 years of experience.

Synthetic Stucco or exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) is a type of exterior siding system which is designed to insulate and finish a home at the same time. This system was developed following the Second World War, when European manufacturers were seeking a way of rapidly repairing damaged buildings and getting new homes completed in communities which had experienced substantial damages from the war.

Synthetic stucco is prized for its superior insulating properties, cost-effectiveness, and its ability to be designed into a variety of architectural styles. Synthetic Stucco ( EIFS) was primarily used on commercial buildings in the United States until the early 1980’s, when it was introduced into the residential building market because of its design flexibility, energy efficiency, and relatively low cost.

Although synthetic stucco may be similar in appearance to traditional stucco, the finish can also resemble wood, brick, stone, and a variety of other materials. The materials in this product are also synthetic, rather than being natural in origin like traditional stucco, and synthetic stucco has a very different look and feel when it is installed and maintained properly. Synthetic stucco comes in polymer based (PB) and polymer modified (PM) varieties, with PB EIFS being especially sturdy.

Acrylic stucco:

Acrylic stucco is basically a mixture of high-performance acrylics that have been specially blended for adhesion, flexibility, breath-ability, toughness, and texture. Added to this formulation is a special aggregate compound and ceramic compound to ensure that stucco has the right texture, but also that it has characteristics that you will not find in standard stucco dry mix rations.

Other stucco technical info include the facts that the coating thickness at 20 sq.ft./gallon is 64 dry mils or 1/16 inch, that the dry time is 12 hours to touch as overnight to recoat, that it takes 7 days at 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% relative humidity to fully cure, that percentage volume in the mixture is 70% by volume, that weight per gallon is 16.5 lbs, and that clean up for both equipment and person is simply soap and water.

Acrylic stucco is water-proof, meaning it is not affected by moisture-penetration or water. Edmonton Acrylic stucco is designed to have a long bonding life as it will not peel or crack easily. Acrylic stucco is UV-protected for durability against hot weather conditions and it is hardens further when exposed to high humidity and rain. Acrylic stucco is tough and durable, meaning it will give you years of added beauty and service.

Unlike standard stucco, acrylic stucco breathes and can flex with substrates without cracking, thereby increasing its longevity. Acrylic stucco has mildewcide in its formulation to guard against mildew.

As an exterior, stucco may not be known for bright color or bold dimensional architecture. But it should. At Nurse Stucco we believe Stucco offer greater design flexibility than any other siding. Consider modern buildings with glossy metallic finishes that resemble metal panels. Or classical architecture with walls, and columns and details that appear to be cut from natural stone. Or simulated brick, virtually indistinguishable from traditional masonry.

These are all prime examples of today’s exciting and innovative stucco products in action. With innovative products and the appropriate application technique provided by the skilled craftsmen at Nurse Stucco, it’s all possible!

Nurse Stucco, Inc. has been serving the stucco repair and restucco needs of the San Diego building contractors and homeowners from the first day we opened our doors for business. We are experts in all phases of residential stucco construction. We pride ourselves in taking the time to provide you with all the information needed in order to help you make the best decisions about stuccoing your home. Consistently 100% recommended and Top Rated by HomeAdvisor and rated A+ by the BBB, and we’re proud to say we’ve maintained this rating since day one!

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Dryvit Synthetic Stucco

Dryvit Systems, Inc. is the original Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) manufacturer in the United States and the company that spawned the highly-successful EIFS industry in North America.

In 1969, Dryvit introduced the concept of combining both continuous insulation (ci) and design-flexible aesthetics into a single exterior wall system, and called it “Outsulation.” Over half a million buildings later, Outsulation systems are a trusted choice for architects, building owners and contractors who want a high performance, insulated cladding solution that can provide everything needed from a building code perspective, and all that is desired from an aesthetic standpoint.

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Pyrex Synthetic Stucco

Parex takes pride in its development of innovative product solutions for an ever changing construction industry. Architects, contractors and building owners recognize that Parex USA offers the right selection of innovative product for any size project or challenge.

Architectural Coatings & Finishes (ACF)
Acrylic Finishes
Elastomeric Finishes
Acrylic Coatings
Elastomeric Coatings
ACF Assemblies
Advanced Masonry Simulation (AMS)

Finishes and coatings contribute color, texture and an overall visual appeal to the wall. They also provide some protection from the elements or other exposure. By selecting appropriate finishes and coatings designers have greater freedom to create the surfaces they envision and to incorporate functional, protective attributes to withstand the rigors of time.

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)

Is an extremely energy efficient, light weight cladding that is versatile in design. From providing a true stucco look to realistically mimicking stone, brick, and other exterior claddings, EIFS can wrap almost any structure in a blanket of insulation. This allows building owners to obtain the look and feel they desire yet enjoy the operating benefits of low energy costs. Additionally, as a light weight cladding, EIFS allows building designers to reduce the structural requirements, and thus costs, in designing a building. Whether the project is new construction or the renovation of an existing building the design and energy benefits of EIFS make this cladding an ideal solution.

Synthetic Stucco

Stucco is a long stranding traditional exterior cladding and for good reason. Stucco is an economical to install and provides a hard and tough barrier for the exterior of a structure. Parex offers the Armourwall family of stucco assemblies with a number of different features to meet the needs of building owners. From enhanced moisture protection to improved crack suppression, Parex Armourwall stucco solutions allow building owners to select the correct stucco assembly to best match stucco design and performance with their economical needs.

The key to a lasting exterior finish or coating application is proper surface preparation. Regardless which finish or coating will be applied, proper surface preparation is critical. Knowing the type and condition of the substrate determines how it must be prepared. Because of wide variations in substrates, we recommend that each substrate be inspected and prepared according to its specific need. Success with stucco finishes and coatings depends on selecting the right products for the job, and the synthetic stucco experts at Nurse Stucco are here to serve you.

Parex Synthetic Stucco Products

LaHabra Synthetic Stucco

Whether building a structure or renovating, LaHabra EIFS provides economical, energy efficient systems. LaHabra offers three types of high performance EIFS to provide the best in both price and performance. The two WaterMaster options provide the additional benefits of moisture management.

Insul-Flex Standard
Insul-Flex WaterMaster
Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR

Insul-Flex Standard

A classic EIFS system that provides superior thermal insulation and design flexibility.

Insul-Flex WaterMaster

Insul-Flex WaterMaster EIFS incorporates vertical ribbons of adhesive to provide an optimal drainage plane. In addition to the vertical ribbons, this system makes use of our WeatherSeal liquid applied water-resistant barrier. It provides protection against incidental moisture and acts as an air barrier. The air barrier takes the already energy efficient EIFS and gives it a boost by limiting air flow while remaining vapor permeable.

Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR (Light Commercial Residential)

Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR EIFS is designed for wood-framed light commercial and residential construction. Using many of the same components of the Insul-Flex WaterMaster, the Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR is mechanically fastened and makes use of “Stucco Wrap” to provide the secondary water-resistive barrier and a means of drainage for incidental moisture.

LaHabra EIFS protects your building from moisture by providing a barrier of finish, base coat, and EPS Insulation. If additional protection is required, LaHabra offers the latest in drainage EIFS. If incidental moisture were to make it through the initial barrier it would drain from behind the system through vertical channels of adhesive. Additionally, these systems include WeatherSeal to offer a secondary moisture barrier.

Since 1926, LaHabra has become the brand you can depend on for quality stucco & EIFS products. LaHabra continues to set new standards for product quality, consistency, reliability and service. LaHabra is a stucco & EIFS industry leader in San Diego and Southern California as well as throughout the United Sataes. As a pillar in the Facade industry LaHabra has been instrumental in contributing to the advancement of stucco & EIFS and has developed many technological breakthroughs that are still in use today.

LaHabra Synthetic Stucco Products

Synergy Synthetic Stucco

Senergy synthetic stucco is a Portland cement-based fiber-reinforced, hard-coat stucco system incorporating a 100% acrylic polymer exterior stucco wall finish. Senergy synthetic stucco offers faster application, reduced labor cost, and a fiber reinforced, crack-resistant base coat. It is used for exterior walls in new or retrofit residential, light commercial, and institutional construction as an alternative to traditional stucco siding systems.

Senergy synthetic stucco is one-hour fire rated. Senergy has been a pioneer in the development and promotion of improved stucco systems that utilize PermaLath® fiberglass lath rather than metal lath or wire. Senergy Stucco base can be applied over PermaLath or metal, but with PermaLath 1000 and PermaLath both having their own ICC-ESRs and with very positive third-party testing to support their superior performance, the fiberglass laths are growing in popularity.

Spray Monokote® Fireproofing from Nurse Stucco

Monokote® is a low-cost, gypsum-based, cementitious spray applied fireproofing designed for an easy, fast application to steel and concrete substrates.

August 26 2023 Nurse Stucco

Proven, in-place performance on interior structural steel makes Monokote® the most widely used fireproofing in the world.  Monokote® affords greater flexibility for both large and small fireproofing projects.  At Nurse Stucco, we offer complete commercial fireproofing applications, as well as tenant improvement Monokote patching and repair services for existing projects.

August 26 2023 Nurse StuccoMonokote® is a popular fireproofing material used in office buildings, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and other large buildings that are constructed out of concrete and steel. Resembling wet cement, Monokote® fireproofing spray is applied throughout a building’s interior in order to help prevent structural failure during a high-temperature blaze.

In San Diego, building codes require the use of “passive” fire-protection materials like Monokote® in certain structures. Not only will this help prevent a building from collapsing, but it will give the occupants of a building more time to escape in the event of a fire. This latter benefit is especially important in high-occupancy structures where people can become trapped inside if the right precautions haven’t been taken.

Monokote® MK-6 high density cementitious fireproofing has been developed by Grace Construction Products to meet specialty and industrial fireproofing requirements requiring greater resistance to harsh environmental. Monokote® MK-6 is a Portland cement-based, factory-mixed material requiring only the addition of water on the job for applications. It is spray applied, providing up to 4 hours of fire resistance. Its physical characteristics are excellent for areas exposed to environmental or climatic conditions. Monokote® may be used in areas where high durability and corrosion resistance is required such as substrates subjected to exterior exposure.

Nurse Stucco should be the spray Monokote® fireproofing contractor of choice for materials and installation in San Diego County. We are a family owned and operated C-35 contractor company that has built a reputation for continually surpassing the expectations of our customers. When it comes to protecting your building from a disastrous fire, Nurse Stucco has you covered.

Call us at (619) 561-7429 or Contact Us today for more information about Monokote® fireproofing materials or to request a bid on your project. Fireproofing your building today can potentially save you thousands or even millions of dollars in repair costs in the aftermath of a fire. More importantly, it may even save lives.

Monokote® MK-6 HY Product Data Sheets

Monokote® MK-6 HY Safety Data Sheets

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Nurse Stucco partners with the leading manufacturers of traditional and synthetic exterior stucco and building products known for their high performance and quality, product innovation, and service.  We do this to provide the best stucco solutions… from scratch to finish.

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