What Is Synthetic Stucco?

If you’re a homeowner, building contractor, or facility manager, you may have heard of synthetic stucco. But what is it? Synthetic stucco is a type of exterior wall cladding that is made from a variety of materials, including polystyrene foam, fiberglass mesh, and Portland cement. It is typically applied over a masonry or wood-frame structure and can be used to create a variety of looks, from traditional to contemporary.

The benefits of synthetic stucco

There are many benefits of synthetic stucco, including its durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance. Homeowners, building contractors, and facility managers will all appreciate the long-lasting nature of synthetic stucco. This material is also great for energy efficiency, as it helps to keep homes and buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Finally, synthetic stucco is very low maintenance, as it does not require painting or other regular upkeep.

Synthetic stucco is a type of exterior wall cladding that has many benefits over traditional stucco.
It is more durable, easier to maintain, and can be applied in a variety of different ways to create a unique look for your home.
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